Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A new blog.....

Keep it Real, Part - II

See you there!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I have been BAD...I have to admit...Apart from uploading a pic here and a pic there...havent done jackshit!
The reason for my escape from blogspot is that I have been busy with my applications for an MBA in the US. Just finished sending out half my applications, 3 colleges still left.
Aah..forgive me for digressing...the main object of this post is to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous year ahead!

Ding! I know its pretty late...better late than never :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Let the party begin :-)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Jim!


Born December 8, 1943 - Died July 3, 1971


You're a legend Jim! Thanks for all the good times.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Arguably the heaviest rainfall I have seen in Madras in the 22 years of my existence.
It has been raining incessantly today.
What does rain bring to Madras?? Cheer?? Yes I suppose so...but when it becomes too much..then everyone starts complaining..a classic example of how capricious the human mind can be :) Reminds me of a certain philosophy my cousin told me about. We all desperately want something. And the happiness that comes with achieving/owning that ends the moment you get it done.
Actually the downside to heavy rainfall is ...no going out, a wonderful weather that makes you want to sleep for that extra half an hour ( and its a x+15 mins clock, x=1,2,3...infinity) and finally on a more personal note plays foul with the study schedule since it brings with it a weather that will make you go anywhere but close to the books. No tennis.
This better take care of all the water problems next summer.
Exams are round the corner and the path is full of rain.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who is an intellectual ?

Almost all of us think we have an intellectual bent of mind :)
There is absolutely no problem with that...to each his own school of thought.

There are organisations that claim that they can certify you as an intellectual like Mensa. They have an exam that tests your IQ and cerify you if you clear that. It should look good on your CV and perhaps the interested parties can use this link here. You are allowed to take the test only twice. I havent taken the test yet, but am thinking about taking it sometime.

Is an intellectual the one that has his own way of doing things and does not care about the society...usually turns out to be a social misfit..( Ayn Rand type) ? or

Is he an influential thinker who combines his ideas with pragmatism and helps the society move forward ( Albert Einstein type) ? or

Is he the one with radical ideas that go far beyond his time and is denounced by the society as a heretic ( Copernicus type) ? or

Is he the saint, the philosopher, the inventor, the spiritual guru or the leader?

Or is he just a nondescript member of a society like the dhobi who washes your clothes or the plumber who fixes your tap or the programmer who writes stunning codes?

Or All the above ?

But what defines intellect? Has it just to do with numbers...a high IQ score perhaps? Can a person who doesn't actually tip the scales in an IQ test not be a intellect? Some questions are better left unanswered. :)

In this regard, Prospect magazine has come out with a poll that determines the worlds leading public intellectuals in contemporary society. The list has people like Noam Chomsky, The Pope, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and others. The Hindu report here.
The actual story and the list on Prospect here.
Noam Chomsky of whom I first heard of while studying a paper called 'Principles of programming languages' during my under-grad years seems to be the early favourite. The results will be announced in November and voting has closed. I just missed it by a couple of days. :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Namma ooru gumbal!

The holiday season has kicked in :) The newbie in the blogging world that I am, I got to meet lot of gurus and thalais from the blogging world over the past few days.

Barista's Besant Nagar on Sunday and the one on G.N.Chetty Road on Monday!

Sunday was the turn of the younger junta. The meet was made possible thanks to the enterprising and persevering Jagan :P. Barista's followed by bajjis at the beach!

L-R: Dada, Jaggu, me, Virdi, Priya

Virdi: The 'mama' of the group. Oringinally from Punjab, but dont get fooled by his accent. He can say 'Bainjoo' with a Bengali accent and confuse you. Looks and speaks like a true IITian that he is. Currently at Frost & Sullivan. ' Harbhajan Mann'

Vatsan: Also another 'mama' of the group, not in terms of age but size :P. Has a Bullet to go with his macho look and a dhadi to boot. Also has critical and radical views on everything... Was one of the three guys with a 100 % attendance. ( Jagan and myself brought up the rest of the vetti gumbal). Enga 'area dada'.

Priya : Chinna ponnu...rowsu..also the lil sis of one of my batchmates at college...:P Chk out the snap. Jokes apart, she was a funny girl ( I mean, to laugh at) and thanks to her, all of us had a nice time! 'Monalisa'

Jagan: Hasnt changed one bit since his college days. A cool, nice guy and a super timepass! 'Morpheous' ( For obvious reasons)

Vee-jay: Moderator Aunty..better not say anything bad about her. Kept the conversation going and was mainly responsible for all of us having a great time! The modern house-wife..had to rush back home to get ready for the poojai. 'Avvai Shanmugi'

Samy: Ivuru Samy illa...asaamy. Throughout the evening, I was sitting and wondering where I had seen this guy before...has a really familiar face...Claims he can drive from Adyar to Ashok Nagar in 10 minutes..konjam over dhaan...adjust maadi :P 'Then Indiya Schumacher'

Jayanthi akka : Last but not the least,adhigama aasa padra aambalayum,adhigama kova padra pombalayum ozhunga vaarzhndhadha sarithrame illa. Going by thalai's dialogue, she is going to live for a long while. Silent party...sweet smile. Chance kedaicha udane office laendhu escape aagi vandhutaantga! ' Silent Sornakka'

L-R: Dada, innocent man, Jagan, Schumey, Shanmugi and Sornakka!